Slow Wave Sleep, ‘Spiro nell’Ecosistema’

Spiro nell’Ecosistema is the latest project published by Slow Wave Sleep, a bolognese gift that was born in order to provide lyrically produced sountracking and ardent surrealism. An intense work, coming from the italian wave of ethno-experimental music and built on nine tracks that entrust to powerful stories and surprising sound the personal journey of a lifetime wonder. Out on the 25th of February, it has been mixed by Michele Postpischl and produced by A/R Recordings

It kickstarts with Fiore di Loto, that kips down on the minimal pastel sound of a guitar, in a muffled atmosphere where the lyrics philosophically stretch the sound, not to pad it out, but on the contrary to synergically gives birth to a captivating symbiosis.

Caveat Emptor is a more folk-oriented tune, lo-fi in its spirals of few tabs circling through the main refrain, which is only stroked with delicacy, but never fully crossed. It sounds like a primitive tape recorded in a chalet. The storytelling winks to Vinicio Capossela and Tom Waits’ poetic.

An impression broken down by Ragnarokhas, which has an inimitable, distinctive jazz verve in it. It pairs the spirit off with a less ministrel-sounding vibe, opening up to more international shifts. It pinches the imagination of those who cannot fully understand the meaning of the stifling words erupting from the singing.

Shiroi blends again in a guitar-fueled, novel-inspired episode of soft citizenry made in Mannarino and Bregović here translated in a more diluted possibility of existence. If they could peel away from the gallopping temptation of home-grown references in favor of more exotic, outlandish composing, this would be an immediate win-win.

To prove my point, Elogio della Follia ‘s unrelenting whirr boasts of feminine chants, fascinatingly stirred up with a pressing ska that ends up being chaotically pure and enveloping. Whereas Garuda rides out a piano-dictated lullaby that alternates squashy whispers to all-ranting invocations and references to Cervantes’s literature (and Icarus myth, as well).  We are in front of a genuine record, never pandering to expectations, proudly scatty, purulent and wild.

Chernyy Val’s rings back its jazz through a piratish glossary where the structures is bilged on the anchor of drastic and dire sonic changes. A constant theme explored and abused throughout the album, returning in the summery Parresia, a feverish tale in fiery legs, walking all over the potential meanings of lunatic rhythm.

In this trembling climax, the conclusive  Angela spills over the unpredictable climate, delivering an intense ballad based on animalistic, poetic views. A peculiar ending wrapping up an interesting episode of italian music venturing in and out of its tradition.

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